With over 50 years of EXPERIENCE, the medium-sized company from the Spessart area is one of the co-founders of the meat-processing machine industry in Germany.

Tailored to the requirements of both customers and markets, Düker-REX has constantly consolidated and expanded its market position through innovative products featuring the latest technology as well as efficient solutions. For example, in 1968 as the first German manufacturer to produce Nirosta machines; later, in 1977, Düker-REX was a pioneer with the infinitely variable regulation of the cutter shaft speed on the hydro cutter. In 1993, additional know-how was integrated into the field of vacuum filling machines through the takeover of the Schroffner company. The cooperation with the Austrian company REX-Technologie GmbH in the field of filling machines enables Düker-REX to offer its customers an extensive range of new machines in addition to works overhauling, the reliable service and the maintenance.

PROGRESS is the ability to anticipate market developments in advance and to adapt one's range accordingly. Düker-REX currently documents this corporate principle through the Blizzard 45 SLF cutter series that is produced and constantly further developed at the Laufach site. The latest-generation cutter – tailored to the requirements of the meat processing trade – features a machine body produced completely from stainless steel as well as a unique hygiene system that satisfies the highest standards.

SERVICE means active looking after by our specialists. Optimum customer care is ensured through the REX remote diagnosis and repair service via telephone as well as by our technicians on site on the customer's premises. Every customer is important - he receives prompt and favourably-priced help in rectifying problems and clarifying issues. The telephone troubleshooting with the aim of restoring functionality as quickly as possible is ensured through expert and experienced contact persons. What others regard as a luxury is the practiced philosophy of service for Düker-REX. Düker-REX keeps a stock of all spare parts for common models and has complete documentation of all machine types ever produced at the Laufach site. If necessary, many parts of older machines or special fittings can also be re-produced. All spare and wearing parts are dispatched from the Laufach warehouse to all parts of the world.

During works or general overhauling, REX machines are refurbished and/or brought into line with state of the art technology. In many cases, all components other than the machine housing are renewed and replaced by newer, more modern drives/control systems. The current range of works-overhauled machines can be found on our Internet site which is updated regularly.