Düker-REX provides every customer with the right product and the right solution. In order to do so, we require detailed knowledge of the production processes at the company in question and of the machines that are already in use. We then build and design new machines on the basis of this information. Düker-REX prides itself on supplying the ideal product to suit individual workflows. Our focus is always on acting in the best interests of the customer. This means that the outcome of the consultations we hold with our clients may be the reconditioning of an existing machine. Such an option can be appropriate if the old machine still matches requirements and represents a reasonable alternative to a new acquisition. The aim here is a precise weighing up of estimated costs and benefits which takes the interests of the client and the company’s strategic goals into account.



Düker-REX is a medium-sized company located in the highly attractive Spessart region. We can look back at over 50 years of EXPERIENCE in our branch and indeed were instrumental in helping to establish the manufacture of meat-processing machines as an industrial sector in Germany.
We deliver efficient and customised solutions that meet the requirements of both our customers and the market. Düker-REX has constantly consolidated and expanded its market position by introducing innovative products featuring state-of-the-art technology. In 1968, for example, we became the first German manufacturer to produce stainless steel machines. 1977 saw Düker-REX take on another pioneering role by introducing infinitely variable regulation of the knife shaft speed on its hydro cutter. In 1993, additional know-how in the field of vacuum filling machines was obtained through the takeover of the Schrofner company. A cooperation agreement concluded with the Austrian firm REX-Technologie GmbH in the field of filling machines has enabled Düker-REX to offer its customers an extensive range of new machines in addition to works overhauling, reliable service and maintenance.





PROGRESS is a company’s ability to anticipate market developments and adapt its range so that customers are able to thrive in a market environment that is subject to constant change. Düker-REX is currently embracing this corporate principle by continuing to develop its machine series. One current example is the Blizzard 45 SLF, which features a closed stainless steel body and a unique hygienic design and more than meets the latest standards. Variety, quality and individual recipes are all crucial to success in the butchery trade. The new RVF 200 series has been specially developed for clients who wish to offer a broad and deep product range to their own customers.


SERVICE means active support from our team of specialists, who work to ensure the very best levels of customer care. The REX remote diagnosis and repair service is available both via telephone and in the form of on-site visits from our technicians. Every customer is important. Prompt and cost-effective assistance is available to rectify problems and clarify issues. We also offer a telephone trouble shooting service. Expert and experienced contact partners will be on the other end of the line with the aim of restoring functionality as quickly as possible. Aspects which others may regard as a luxury are an integral part of the philosophy of service practised at Düker-REX. We keep spare parts for common models in stock, and complete documentation is in place for all machine types ever produced at the Laufach site. If necessary, many parts or special fittings for older machines can also be reproduced. All spare components and replacements for wearing parts are dispatched from our Laufach warehouse to all parts of the world.
When factory reconditioning or general overhauling works are carried out, REX machines are fully refurbished and/or brought into line with the latest status of technology. In many cases, all components except the machine housing itself are replaced by newer and more modern drives or control systems. The current range of works-overhauled machines can be found on our Internet site, which is updated regularly.