The rotating casing holding device from REX can be used as an attachment with all REX vacuum filling machines from the 300, 400, 700 and 900 series. It is attached and driven directly by the standard REX torque converter, without its own drive.
Depending on your choice, the REX DHG can place the twisted sausages on a filling table or transfer them directly to the REX RKS 85 calibration system.

Whether natural, collagen or artificial casing, the rotating REX DHG processes all types effortlessly and guarantees precise linking points and maximum efficiency.
The DHG is available in two different versions, type 320 or 400, differing only in the length of the compatible calibration tubes. The most suitable variant can therefore be selected depending on the casing types to be processed and the length of the caterpillar (in the case of artificial casing).

The REX DHG 400 can be extended with a pneumatically driven feed with casing end detection to further increase productivity.
A splash guard can also be fitted as an option, which not only makes the machine easier to use but also significantly increases work safety, especially when processing natural casings.

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