The pneumatically operated BA40 and BA65 sausage meat cutters are ideal for cutting off various fillings (e.g. cevapcici, …) without casing. The pneumatic knife at the end of the filling tube cuts the portions exactly to the desired length. It can be easily attached to the outlet of the REX filling machine.

Once the sausage meat cutter has been connected to the filling machine outlet, only the electronic connection using a clip connector needs to be provided. The parameters are stored in a program and saved in the filling machine.

The exact portion size is determined by the filling machine. Various filling pipe diameters can be fitted as required. In combination with the FB 100 conveyor belt, a fully-fledged line is available.

The sausage meat cutter is suitable for cutting off the following media:

    • Various types of meat, e.g. cevapcici
    • Fish
    • Cheese
    • Dough types
    • Soup granules

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